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  • Sewage treatment - Wikipedia

    Terminology The term "sewage treatment plant" (or "sewage treatment works" in some countries) is nowadays often replaced with the term "wastewater treatment plant". Sewage can be treated close to where the sewage is created, which may be called a .

  • Integrated Treatment System for Frac Water Management (ITS)

    Why the ITS Works The most direct way to address environmental concerns and make frac water recycling viable is to modify the frac water management approach. That's the role of the ITS. This is a conversation we've voiced since 2009 and now the big industry .

  • Water Recycling - Dewatering System . PHOENIX Process Equipment Company

    What is Greywater? Greywater makes up around 30 to 50 per cent of wastewater discharged into our sewers. Therefore, greywater recycling offers facilities the chance to cut their water use by up to half. Generally defined as wastewater from bathrooms and .

  • Water - Wikipedia

    Water is a liquid at the temperatures and pressures that are most adequate for life. Specifically, at normal atmospheric pressure of 1 bar (0.98692 atm, 100 kPa, 14.5 psi), water is a liquid between the temperatures of 273.15 K (0 C, 32 F) and 373.15 K (100 C .

  • Oil filtration filter inserts for removal of particles, water and oil degradation products

    Filter Inserts for oil filtration of mineral based oils, lubricating oils, hydraulic oils, turbine lube oils, gear oils, honing oils, rolling oils . CJC B Filter Inserts consist of bonded discs made from cellulose and cotton linters. APPLICATION B Filter Inserts are .

  • Italtrade - The Made in Italy Official Portal

    The Italian Institute for Foreign Trade, is the government agency entrusted with promoting trade, business opportunities and industrial cooperation between Italian and foreign companies . AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY AND ANIMAL BREEDING Agricultural .

  • Tenova

    For the steel industry Tenova provides innovative integrated solutions for complete process area: direct reduction plant, electric arc and secondary metallurgy systems; industrial furnaces for steel and aluminium industries; high quality 2Hi/4Hi cold rolling mills, 20Hi .

  • Concrete Washout Water Systems : McLanahan

    McLanahan Corporation has taken existing filter press technology and applied it for use in recycling concrete process water. These Filter Presses are safer, simpler and smarter pieces of equipment that help producers do more with their existing resources and .

  • American Gas Products - Aerosol Can Disposal, Can Puncture & Aerosol Recycling System . The Can-Emitor

    Manufacturers of aerosol can disposal and recycling system for the proper disposal of spray cans of all sizes.

  • Bottled Water and its Health and Environmental Impact

    I filter my own water and take it with me in stainless steel bottles that stay cold for over 8 hours. Once you get used to the clean fresh taste of that water, tap and bottled water tastes like chemicals and is very unpleasant. So many people who buy bottled water or .

  • Environmental News and Information . MNN - Mother Nature Network

    Mother Nature Network is the world's leading source for environmental news, advice on sustainable living, conservation and social responsibility6 ways to cope with family stress at the holidays November 14, 2016, 7:14 a.m. by Angela Nelson If the election .

  • Waste disposal facts, information, pictures . Encyclopedia articles about Waste disposal

    Waste disposal Waste management is the handling of discarded materials. Recycling and composting, which transform waste into useful products, are forms of waste management. The management of waste also includes disposal, such as landfilling. Waste can be .

  • Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) VLT Series Systems

    Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) VLT Series Systems Dissolved Air Floatation is widely used for separating solids, fats, oil, and grease from a waste stream. In the process, pressurized water is saturated with dissolved air and is discharged into a flotation vessel. The .

  • Irrigation - Wikipedia

    Various types of irrigation techniques differ in how the water obtained from the source is distributed within the field. In general, the goal is to supply the entire field uniformly with water, so that each plant has the amount of water it needs, neither too much nor too little.

  • Filter press - Wikipedia

    An Industrial filter press is a tool used in separation processes, specifically in solid/liquid separation using the principle of pressure drive, provided by a slurry pump. This filter press machine used in the Marble factories in order to separate the water from the mud for .

  • MINING - CoinMine

    MINING This page primarily focuses on metallurgical mining, though many of the terms, processes, and concepts are the same within the non-metallurgical extraction industry. These other industry sectors include gas and oil production, non-metallic mining, and .

  • Chapter 74 - Mining and Quarrying

    Chapter 74 - Mining and Quarrying MINING: AN OVERVIEW Norman S. Jennings Minerals and mineral products are the backbone of most industries. Some form of mining or quarrying is carried out in virtually every country in the world. Mining has important .

  • American Gas Products - Aerosol Can Disposal, Can Puncture & Aerosol Recycling System . The Can-Emitor

    Manufacturers of aerosol can disposal and recycling system for the proper disposal of spray cans of all sizes.

  • Press Releases - Veolia

    2016-11-07 Information relative au nombre total de droits de vote et dactions composant le capital social au 31 octobre 2016 (in french) 2016-11-03 Key figures for the nine months ended september 30, 2016 2016-10-13 Patrick Leleu est nommé Directeur général de .

  • SAMCO . Water, Wastewater, Process Separation & Filtration

    SAMCO designs, manufactures, and services custom integrated water, wastewater, and process purification and separation equipment systemsWhether youre looking to improve your water or wastewater, or have process separation and purification needs to be .

  • Oil filtration Filter Inserts, removal of particles, water and oil degradation products

    Oil filtration Filter Inserts, dirt and water holding capacities up to 4 litres of dirt, and with an oil filtration degree of 3 µm (micron) absolute . Increase lifetime of both oil and system components. Remember to replace CJC Filter Inserts at least once a year in order .

  • Green Living - Eco Friendly Green Living - Good Housekeeping

    Want a home that looks beautiful and helps the environment? Get the latest in green and eco friendly living from the editors at Good Housekeeping!

  • Online Press Release Distribution Service . PRWeb

    Speakers: Dana Willhoit, CEO, The Press Release Site If your customers cant find you online, theyre going to do business with the companies they can locate! An online news release can improve your chances of being listed in top search engine sites such as .

  • Fully automated Filter Presses - Putsch & Co., Inc. USA

    6 FILTRATION & SEPARATION TECHNOLOGY Putsch® Filter Press Systems have been selected for decades as the main choice of technology for the deliquifying of slurries and suspensions. Over 1000 Putsch® Membrane Filter Press Systems have been

  • Water Recycling - Dewatering System . PHOENIX Process Equipment Company

    Blackwater recycling reduces water use by up to 90%, contributes points to LEED development & provides add'l water to keep gardens, sports fields green . What is Blackwater? Blackwater is any wastewater that is contaminated with water discharged from a .

  • Water Purification Systems - Wastewater Treatment . Aquatech

    Aquatech is a global leader in water purification systems and wastewater treatment technology for industrial and infrastructure marketsSolutions Integrated Water Services (IWS) Aquatechs Integrated Water Services delivers long-term, reliable and cost-effective .

  • Growth Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs - European Commission

    Construction and demolition produces the largest volume of waste in the EU, so the European Commission is introducing new guidelines on the recycling and re-using of this waste. The proposal for a new space strategy will foster new services and promote Europe's leadership in space. The new Key

  • Biodiesel Benefits - Why Use Biodiesel? - Pacific Biodiesel

    The smartest technologies deliver benefits to multiple interests, including improved economy, and a positive impact on the environment and governmental policies. The role of the biodiesel industry is not to replace petroleum diesel, but to help create a balanced .

  • Major Projects . Veolia Australia and New Zealand

    The Australian aluminium industry is the fifth largest smelting industry in the world, producing more than 1.9million tonnes of primary aluminium which in turn generates more than A$3.8 Billion in export revenue. Australias aluminium industry continues to face social .